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Gymafter40.com was founded by Andy Kyle, a personal trainer from California. Andy has been involved with fitness for over 20 years and received a NASM-CPT certification in 2014.

Fitness and health first started as a hobby for him, but in 2011 he decided to make some serious lifestyle changes. Due to a bad diet and lack of gym time, he’d gain a lot weight. And losing this weight now became a priority. In addition, around the same time he’d successfully used a professional personal trainer for 6 months. All of this made him decide to study for his own NASM certification and make fitness his new career.

The Idea

The idea for Gymafter40.com sprung to life because Andy wasn’t very happy with the available fitness content on the internet. Especially for people over the age of 40. Most of the content is targeting younger people, or is about looking like a fitness model. Worse, most of the fitness information on the internet just doesn’t work. Consequently, he decided to start a place to share information about the methods that has worked for him and the clients he’s been coaching. This turned into Gymafter40.com.

Gymafter40.com is constantly growing and we’re very happy to receive feedback about our content, or ideas for future articles. Please use this form to get in contact with us.

Hope you will enjoy our content!

– The Gymafter40.com Team



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