DNA Testing For Weight Loss

Have you tried to lose weight, but your results just don’t ever seem to stack up very well next to your friends?

That can be very discouraging. I know. Because that has happened to me too.

As a matter of fact. Losing weight is very difficult. Perhaps the most difficult task you will encounter in life.

But there may be an explanation for your lack of results. It could be due to your genetics. Perhaps you have copied someone else’s workout or diet regime, which may not be a very good match for your unique genotype.

Sounds confusing? Bear with me and I will explain.

Genetics And Weight Loss

Genetic research have made huge progress since the human genome was first mapped back in 2003. Today we know what genes makes us tall or short, dark or light, freckled or tanned. But did you know that your weight loss capabilities are also controlled by your genes?

DNA testing for weight loss has progressed to the point that we now know how certain genes controls how the body processes protein, fat and carbohydrates. Even how our genes determines the effectiveness of certain physical activities. Genetics and weight loss are firmly connected!

Furthermore, with today’s advanced genetic technology, it is now possible to develop personalized nutrition and exercise programs that are based on your unique DNA. In addition, the cost of DNA testing for weight loss has come down to the point where it is now feasible to offer this technology to the general public.

Fitness programs which are tailored to an individual’s DNA have proven to be a lot more effective than generic programs. A study published by the European Society of Human Genetics discovered that individuals using fitness and diet programs tailored to the individual’s DNA lost up to 33% more weight than those following standard, generic weight loss programs.

Sounds great right?

But now you may ask yourself where can I find one of those DNA test?

And that’s a great question. Today you can find many DNA testing services but sadly many are selling sub par products. Some will deliver low quality reports or not destroying your DNA samples after the test is finalized.

I do have good experiences with a company called HomeDNA.  HomeDNA is a US based company that offers a wide range of personalized DNA products. Including weight loss.

Next let’s move on to my HomeDNA review.

HomeDNA Review

HomeDNA is using a laboratory called DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) for their tests. Since their establishment in Ohio in 1995, they have handled over 10 million DNA tests from 168 countries. Currently over 1 million DNA tests are handled each year.

Several high-profile celebrities, like Prince and Anna Nicole Smith, have used DDC’s services. And they have also helped the Innocence Project exonerate 7 individuals wrongly incarcerated for over 20 years each.

HomeDNA offers a wide range of DNA related products. For example:

  • DNA testing to learn about your ancestry
  • DNA testing to find your best skin care
  • Paternity testing using DNA
  • DNA tests to learn the breed of your pet

In addition they have DNA tests for creating dieting and exercising strategies specifically tailored to your genotype. This product is called Healthy Weight.

DNA Testing For Weight Loss

It’s very easy to get started with HomeDNA. It can all be summarized in 5 simple steps:

  1. Buy your DNA test: You can either order it from their webpage or find a nearby store that sells them.
  2. Register your DNA test: After you receive your DNA test, go to their webpage and register the kit’s barcode.
  3. Collect your DNA: Use the cotton swabs found in the DNA kit to collect your DNA. Then mail the kit back to HomeDNA.
  4. Analyze your data: You will be notified by email when HomeDNA has received your kit. Now their scientific team will analyze your DNA and create a detailed report
  5. Receive your report: After about 3 weeks you will be notified by email that your personalized report is finished. You will find it in a secure account on their web page.

So what is the verdict about HomeDNA?

I first heard about DNA testing for weight loss after some of my clients used the HomeDNA service. After I carefully reviewed their personalized reports we decided to implement some of their proposed strategies. It turned out to be very successful.

Because of my great experience with HomeDNA, we at Gymafter40.com have decided to add it to our list of approved products.

If you want to try the service for yourself, HomeDNA is currently having a limited time sale where you will get 20% off the Healthy Weight product. Use the link below and you will automatically get the 20% discount.

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We hope that our article about DNA testing for weight loss was helpful. As always, we at Gymafter40.com are available to answer all your questions about fitness and health. The easiest way to reach us is by using our contact form here.