As we get older several bad things occurs with our bodies. Some will be invisible, for example high blood pressure and hormonal changes. Others we can notice like loss of muscle mass and weight gains.

I do believe the two are connected. If we stay healthy on the outside, we’ll be healthy on the inside.

When it comes to physical exercise after 40, I believe you need to focus on two areas – resistance and cardiovascular training. The former will prevent muscle loss and the latter will ensure healthy heart and lungs. In addition both will guarantee a slim waist.

I have divided the rest of this article into those two areas.

Resistance Training

Resistance training is when weights are used to induce muscular contraction, thus increasing strength and muscle size. In the past your only choice was the gym, but today there are many options suitable for all work schedules and budgets. You can even do resistance training at home.

Exercise after 40

Resistance Training At Home

Today it may be difficult to find time to exercise. After long hours at the office we should prioritize spending time with our family and friends. And perhaps you don’t live close to a gym, or can afford a gym membership.

But I have some good news for you. There are solutions for the above problems. Two of them are home gym equipment and home training programs.

Home Gym Equipment

Exercise after 40 doesn’t need to cost a fortune. With a few home gym items you can exercise from the comfort of your own home. And if your equipment is compact and lightweight, you can bring them with you and exercise at other locations. Even your office.

I always recommend my clients to own some home gym equipment. Even if they have a gym membership. On busy days they can still get a workout in before bedtime. And I have the option to coach them remotely.

So what do you need? I recommend some dumbbells and a pair of ankle weights. Those items are small and can easily fit into a gym bag. And they are not expensive.

If you want to try my home exercise equipment – you can buy my dumbbell set here and my ankle weights here.

For further reading, I have a comprehensive guide about home gym equipment here, where I also talk about exercise ideas.

Home Training Program

I also recommend to own a good home training program since it will be much cheaper than hiring a personal trainer. And you have the freedom to choose when you want to exercise, instead of when the trainer will be available.

If you combine the home training program with the home gym equipment above, you have everything needed to guarantee a successful weight loss journey.

Today there are many programs but sadly most of them are not great. Very often I hear about overpriced programs that lacks results. And some of them can even be hazardous to your health. But there are two great programs that I highly recommend.

  • Many of my female clients prefer the Fé Fit Women’s Workout Program. It gives you 14 hours of full body workout with focus on weight loss and muscle toning. It’s easy to tailor to meet your own needs with 21-day, 6-week, and 13-week programs.

If you want to try the Fé Fit Women’s Workout Program you can buy it here.

  • For men (and women too!), I recommend FOCUS T25 Shaun T’s Workout Program. My clients who tried this program love it. The main benefit is that you only have to do 25 minutes of workout every day thus it’s perfect for a busy schedule.

If you want to try the FOCUS T25 Shaun T’s Workout Program you can buy it here.

Resistance Training Outside Home

If you have the time and can afford it, a gym membership is a great investment when doing exercise after 40.

But keep going for a longer period of time can be difficult. Motivation goes down and it will feel better watching TV at home. But there are some methods you can implement to help with your motivation.

Find a Gym Buddy

I have tried exercising both alone and with a workout buddy. Having a motivated buddy beats being alone hands down. We motivate each other and I always end up doing one more repetition just to compete with him. However it’s important to have someone that gives you motivation since a person with low energy and no motivation can actually bring you negative results.

So where can you find a workout buddy? Try first your social circle. Usually there’s at least one person that’s interested. If you have no luck in your social circle, you can try to advertise for one either on a local message board or on the Internet.

Find a Personal Trainer

A few years back I reached a plateau and I felt very frustrated. Around the same time one of the personal trainers approached me and asked if I needed a free assessment. Boy was this a game changer. He showed me some new exercises and gave me a lot of new fresh ideas. I ended up using him for six months and after I saw the huge benefit I decided to start studying for my own personal trainer certification.

When you are paying for a trainer he will not only show you how to exercise properly, he will also motivate you to actually get yourself to the gym.

The big disadvantage of a trainer is that they are usually very expensive,

Cardiovascular Training

Its not enough with only resistance training, especially when you exercise after 40. You’ll also need some cardiovascular training. Not only for heart and lung health but also for the weight loss.

Exercise after 40

When most think of cardio, they think of people running on a treadmill. Though that’s what I usually recommend, I understand that many people neither have the time nor the budget to join a gym. And being motivated over a long period of time is also an issue.

So what other options are available? Well it can be a brisk walk during your lunch hour. Or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Or do some jogging instead of walking when you take your dog out. There is no limit to the imagination.

Below are some other ideas I have recommended to my clients.

Join a Community

Usually it’s beneficial to join other people with the same goals and interest. This will be helpful for your motivation and could also be a great way to expand your social circle. Today it’s easy to find people with similar interest. One web site I have used in the past is called and they organize events in everything from hiking, soccer, exercise after 40 to cooking. And they are usually free.

Fitness Technology

Today there are technologies that can make your workout fun and challenging. One such device is my fitness wrist band called Q-Band. I wear it like a watch (it shows the time too) and it keeps track on everything from how many steps I take each day, how many calories I burn and the quality of my sleep. It also comes with a handy app where you can see your progress and how you compare to your friends.

The wristband has helped me to stay motivated. It’s almost like a game where I compete with myself and my friends. It has happened that I took a walk after dinner just because I was falling behind on my daily steps goal! I highly recommend this product for people that doing exercise after 40.

If you want to try the Q-Band you can buy it here.