There’s one question I frequently hear from my clients. Can you guess what it is?

It’s about losing weight. Especially losing weight after 40. This is not really surprising because it’s an issue many people are struggling with. Maybe even you. But why does it have to be so difficult and expensive?

I don’t believe it has to be, and if you follow along I’ll explain.

Losing Weight After 40

I believe one of the issues when it comes to weight loss is too much information. Unfortunately also a lot of wrong information. When I look at other fitness blogs, the solution they offer is usually to eat less and burn more calories. This sounds pretty straightforward but living by those rules is not always easy. As we get older we want to enjoy the finer things in life and most of us have careers and families that have priority. Which makes perfect sense.

Furthermore, us middle age guys don’t always have biology on our side. Our metabolism slows down, and for us men testosterone levels decreases which may cause weight gains and other illnesses.

So what should you do if you want to be able to losing weight after 40?

Losing Weight After 40

I don’t believe it needs to be complicated. As a matter of fact my weight loss philosophy is very simple. Everything can be summarized in just three pillars that I have named Fun, Value and Time. Let me explain them in more details below.

  • You Should Have Fun Who wants to do boring stuff? I sure don’t! If you don’ like eating salads all the time, don’t do it! If you hate going to the gym, don’t do it! We are all different and we need to find that unique thing we like. And in this article I will help you find fun weight loss methods that will motivate you to get going!
  • You Should Get Value For Your Money There’s always a trade off between price and quality. You should usually never buy the cheapest items. Those likely break very quickly. On the other hand there are so many overpriced things out there that most rarely need. The slider should be in the middle where you get most value for your money. I will help you with that!
  • It should Not Take Too Much Of Your Time Time is your most precious resource. You can never get it back. Therefore we should prioritize things like family, friends and work. Here I will give advice how to stay in shape without wasting too much of our precious time.

That’s pretty much it. Sounds pretty good right? Next let me explain how you can implement this simple philosophy in your everyday life.

Losing Weight After 40

Weight loss is a huge topic. There’s just too much information and many don’t know where to start. But I believe I can offer help. From my experience, I believe it’s easiest to break it down into four sub topics. I have defined those as BodyDietMind and Hormones, and you need to be aware of all of them when losing weight after 40. Let’s talk about them in a bit more details.


This sub topic includes all the physical activities needed to stay in shape. But I don’t believe you need to spend hours at the gym to achieve a healthy lifestyle. In the Body chapter I explain how you can achieve this by following my simple philosophy of Fun, Value and Time.


You are what you are eating. Not only your weight is affected by what you consume, but also your mood. With that being said, life should also be fun and we should not only eat carrots. I will help you achieve a good balance in the Diet chapter.


If your mindset is not focused on weight loss, you may set yourself up for failure. The good news is that there are several brain tricks you can implement. In the Mind chapter I explain some that have helped me.


This is an important topic. Hormones are often overlooked but in my opinion that is a big mistake. If your hormones are out of balance, both your weight and mood will suffer. Especially Testosterone and Cortisol are important and in the Hormones chapter I will talk about them in more details.

Losing Weight After 40

The rest of this article is divided into four chapters covering more details about each sub topic BodyDietMind and Hormones. You’ll notice that the three pillars Fun, Value and Time is running like a thread through all those chapters.

There’s no recommended order for reading those chapters. Feel free to jump to any sub topic that you feel is of interest to you. But I do recommend that you read all four chapters to get a good balance. Having a good balance in life is important. Not just for losing weight.